PhD is mandatory for recruitment of assistant professors from 2023

PhD is mandatory for recruitment of assistant professors from 2023

Taking into account of Covid-19 pandemic, the University Grants Commission (UGC) announced Tuesday (12.10.2021) that PhD will be mandatory for the recruitment of assistant professors after 2023. Without a PhD, it is not at all possible to become an assistant professor. However, it is difficult to submit a thesis for a scholar without refereed research paper publications as per their University guidelines. Generally, getting acceptance from an SCI indexed (non-paid) will take nearly 1.5 years, only if the journal paper development is completed. Under such circumstances, the research scholars should be keen on completing their research and article writing. Unless the article is at par with the standard of the ISI indexed journals, the possibility of getting rejection of the articles is high. Research scholars, who are at initial stages such as PhD Topic Selection, PhD Research Proposal, PhD Synopsis, manuscript preparation, and Questionnaire preparation, can also use this extension opportunity from UGC to complete their PhD on time. They can complete journal paper development within time, only with tremendous efforts and domain knowledge in software such as Matlab, Simulink, NS2, Java, Python. Researchers/faculties are expected to publish at least two research papers in an academic year focusing on their domain. The University Grants Commission (UGC) currently instructs PhD students to publish at least one article in a peer-reviewed journal and to present two conferences or seminars before they submit their doctoral thesis. Irrespective of their University norms, every scholar should aim to publish 5 to 6 publications for their research journey. It even helps them to improve their API scores and further career growth. Our journal submission experts are skilled in submitting papers to reputed journals. When the manuscript is ready for submission, our publishing experts will complete this process successfully by adhering with the journal guidelines and also completing the revisions on time. The manuscript will be prepared with adequacy of evidence supporting the conclusion and detailed justifications on figures and tables.

Easy synopsis works with a team of dedicated experts in various domains who will verify your manuscript for spelling and grammar errors. Each document will get into an in-depth editing of the subject, where we aim to help clients to identify the research gaps in manuscripts before they send it to the journal which we target for publication. Our expertise can assist the research scholars to meet this objective and get rid-off from PhD cancellation or rejection from recruitment. Those who have started their research can avail our services to complete their publication on time.

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Our EasySynopsis team offers comprehensive support right for PhD Topic Selection, PhD Research Proposal, PhD Synopsis, manuscript preparation, Questionnaire preparation, Data Analysis like ANOVA and SEM, Software Implementation using Matlab, Simulink, NS2, Java, Python, Journal Paper Development, Research Paper publication, Citation and many other services. Since 2010, we have served more than 5000 PhD research scholars through guidance and support for their research work.

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