Our Team

Our Team

Easysynopsis feels proud to have such an all time enthusiastic, proactive, productive and dedicated researchers working on the requirements of our clients.

High quality research outcome is the primary motto of our research team. The research team takes the responsibility of fulfilling the client needs and their objectives. It is the mission constructed by Easysynopsis that ensures maximum knowledge transfer to the clients and interest to learn from clients. The team provides high-end cooperation to the colleagues, when attempts are made to have a joint effort on research.

Our research team provides adequate consulting support to clients and all the other researchers on taking forward their research towards accomplishment. The support includes defining right direction, platform, research gaps, journals, etc. The team includes experts of particular as well as interdisciplinary domains. They periodically publish their ideas and research outcomes in refereed conferences and journals. The experts in our research team are active members of professional societies such as IEEE, ACM, etc. They engage in various research activities including Editorial roles, reviewing scientific submissions on refereed journals and many more.

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The development and testing team is being operated by dynamic developers who have adequate experience on the respective platform.

As the research team channelizes, the development team understands and develops the research modules precisely. Each project is perceived as a collaboration with multiple specialists in the development team to work together to reach the goal. The team has been analytically strengthened and has increased the capability ratio over wide engineering streams. The team is skilled in understanding pre-developed software by anonymous developers, diagnosing and fixing bugs, testing them and obtaining outcomes as per the requirements of clients.

The developing skills of the team are recognized and certified by International standards authority. The experts in the team have conduced hands-on session on the software in various educational institutes, industries, etc. They have provided adequate knowledge transfer to the clients that make the clients to work on the tools independently.

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Our project management team is highly adaptive to the demands of the project and the team.

Highly sophisticated amenities and tools for project management facilitate tracking the progress of every individual project to ensure its completion on deadline. Our project management team takes oath of fulltime commitment, responsibility and accountability for successful completion of the project. The head of the team has the ability to get their sleeves rolled up and works on the technical issues to rectify it. The team, by default, gets the project baseline metrics to quantify the progress of the project at implementation stage. The team has a good success story, because it has realized the performance return and the circumstances of the clients.

The team works in all the required three dimensions such as technicality, transactional and transformational dimensions. A proactive support team is working behind the project management team to facilitate its tasks to the successful direction. The support team is interconnected with all the other teams so that those teams can focus more on its objectives; whereas the secondary tasks need to be done by those teams are being handled by the support team.

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The team of people has adequate assortment skills and the ability to handle the clients with empathy maps.

They are always being connected with the clients to let them satisfied with our services. Our client support team has professional customer service agents who have good listening, reading and vocabulary skills that facilitate a cool conversation with our clients. The team cares each and every client with a sense of urgency and provides prominent solution for their issues. It often provides realistic and convincing responses to the clients and keeps them updated about the progress of the project. The team is very particular on avoiding any kind of misunderstanding between our clients and dedicatedly working to clarify such things, if occurs at any cause. The clients can feel free to call our client support team for any kind of clarifications, issues, grievances, appreciations, etc. We respect each and every call being received by the client support as it deserves the occupancy of our outreach in the market. Easysynopsis provides a special care to the client support team, since it defines the quality of our services.

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Our marketing and promotion team prioritizes understanding the clients’ needs.

It is all about the curiosity behind the team to listen the exact requirements of the clients. Our team is strengthened enough to have a quality discussion with our clients irrespective of their specialization. They put efforts to disseminate our vision, mission and the services offerings precisely. The team not only engages on promoting us, but also understands the thoughts of our clients on scheduling the marketing strategies with empathy maps. The team acquires client information through the network of our existing clients, who are eager to endorse us, various web resources, surveys, events, etc. Easysynopsis perceives it as a sensible contributor while deciding the organization policies, regulations and successful operation of all the other teams.

The team is well equipped with the social networking tools to reach, communicate and converse with the audience all the time. They are in a skilled environment, where the conversion from enquiries to clients happens very often. The team is highly reliable and it promulgates the right information to the users in a short span of time. Our marketing team continuously tracks the progress of the tasks of our clients, who have associated with us, and ensures that their requirements have been met through our services. We are sure about our marketing team on understanding the needs and feels of our clients and users who are looking for us.

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The team of external relations keeps its focus on all activities of the organization par with International standard.

The team works on with long term intent so as to achieve the best position in the service industries. The team collaborates with top level managerial people to strengthen the positive image of our entity. The team takes care of various business opportunities offered by Easysynopsis, partnership and mentorship programs, liaison-ships, etc. It is looking forward for service level amalgamations with educational institutions, universities and all kind of organizations those are associated with education. The team philanthropically conducts events to promote research. The members of the team are active in social media and networking to seek the external support for the vision and mission of the organization.

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