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The primary context of the Engineering Research is to bring various improvements in the theory and practice of engineering fields such as high speed computation, power systems, structural engineering, bioengineering, nanotechnology, etc. The practical relevance is of with utmost importance, since it not only concentrates on engineering stream, but also on education, social development, business, environment and many more.The contributors in engineering research are geographically as well as professionally distributed. The global venues, where the outcomes of engineering research can be portrayed, are scientific periodicals, journals, academic conferences as well as in the form of commercial products. Our team of experts, who are in the engineering practice over several years, understood well about the trends in engineering research and further path to take it forward at all levels.

Our expertise includes, but not limited to the following research areas

Artificial Intelligence
Audio and Speech Processing
Knowledge Engineering
Life Science and Health Care
Big Data and Data mining
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Machine Learning
Cloud Computing
Mobile Computing
Communication Engineering and Systems
Natural Language Processing
Data warehousing
Networked and Control Systems
Digital Image Processing
Numerical Methods
Digital Signal Processing
Power and Energy Systems
Electrical Systems
Power Electronics
Industrial Informatics
Scheduling and Optimization
Soft Computing
Software Engineering

Further, we are flexible with as much as rendering our arms to make guidance support.


The primary efforts behind the market research are to acquire knowledge about the targeting markets or customers at wide parametric distribution. Based on the information, various analyses can be done in the outlook of market demand, size and competition. It is a significant process to retain the product competency in the market and to lead over the competitors. Since its impact on life cycle of a product is huge, it grabs its own position among the research community. We are competent to conduct social as well as opinion research to collect the information in the perspective of both producers as well as consumers. Our statisticians and analysts exploit the data and produce interesting and significant findings. They often work in market information, segmentation, market trends and promising market analysis such as customer analysis, SWOT analysis, risk analysis, etc. Further, they support in decision making process based on their analytical outcomes.


The endorsement for interdisciplinary research from research community and experts are in leaps and bounds. An effective interdisciplinary research can be assured well if a team of researchers from multiple disciplines sit together. This often results in integrating data, techniques, outlooks and research concepts from multiple streams and hence promising advancements can be made to handle real world problems. However, the challenge resides on constructing such a team, where either researchers, who have in-depth knowledge on multiple disciplines, or researchers from multidiscipline, must be available all the time. Our team addresses the challenge well; since we have a discipline-wise distributed experts, who are equipotent in their respective field, as well as, individual experts with the in-depth knowledge of multiple disciplines. We crack down the traditional boundaries between various engineering streams and attempt to introduce interdisciplinary research areas.

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