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Our computing lab is the key place of Easysynopsis for conducting all our in-house research activities, clients’ projects and collaborative research. Highly sophisticated computing machineries with adequate memory storage and communication lines have constructed the layout of our lab. All the machineries are periodically upgraded with latest software, tools and applications. The lab is well organized, structured and monitored to ensure high productivity and timely research outcomes.

One can see the enthusiasm, curiosity and interestingness everywhere inside our lab. The key research areas in the lab include, machine learning, soft computing, artificial intelligence and their applications areas such as image processing, data mining, networking, etc. Both researching and developing team share the lab resources in a most productive way. The resource outcomes, observations and interesting claims from the lab are periodically presented and published in refereed journals and conferences. The lab shares its resources to our team, clients as well as our collaborating researchers and hence it grabs the primary and significant position in achieving our organization goals.


Easysynopsis supports standard project management and HR management tools for ensuring increased service quality, productivity and punctuality. Since the roles and responsibilities of our team differ with each other, we intend the tools to work with them in a common goal. The tools that we use interconnect every individual of Easysynopsis to work on with their regular routines in the most successful manner. We seek our tools to be functional for our clients too and so we collaborate with tools that adequately provide online tracking support to all our clients and so that clients can track the progress of their project round the clock.

All our clients are made highly benefited by each and every tool with we are collaborating. Appropriate software has been used to demonstrate the project status and completion to our clients. Further, we provide precise knowledge transfer to the clients through online networking applications. Our SEO technology raises the impact of research we conduct in our labs.

Tools for research and associated actions are a key feature to sustain the creation and mobilization of research knowledge. Tools are vehicles that largely assist research and related actions to let researchers to collect, systematize, implement, investigate, visualize, mobilize and store quantitative and qualitative data and creative outputs. We do implementation of concepts using MATLAB and JAVA with other research tools given below.

itK-SNAP (MRI imaging) XSG tool
OTB Tool (Satellite imaging)SimPower Systems
JNS SimMechanics
JADE SimHydraulics
CloudSim Bioinformatics tool
NS2 SimBiology
NS3 Chemometrics tools
Weka Computational physics tools
MapReduce and Hadoop MATLink


Our infrastructure is facilitated with an effective training and orientation division, where training shall be organized for the clients about our project, research methodologies, etc. The training division conducts periodical and occasional trainings, formal and information trainings and certified trainings with commercial as well as not-for-profit background. The beneficiaries can be from educational institutions, industries and research academies. The training division is filled up with sufficient amenities and materials.

The orientation division works for our employees to understand about the organization, nature of job, roles and responsibilities, etc. Periodical orientation strengthens our team to handle the requirements of our clients and enjoying success on achieving them. The orientation division joins hands with our employees at their probationary period, periodical stages, on-demand stages and critical stages. A counseling section has also been attached with the division to support our employees both in official as well as their personal challenges ahead in their current social network.

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