PhD is mandatory for recruitment of assistant professors from 2023

Taking into account of Covid-19 pandemic, the University Grants Commission (UGC) announced Tuesday (12.10.2021) that PhD will be mandatory for the recruitment of assistant professors after 2023. Without a PhD, it is not at all possible to become an assistant professor. However, it is difficult to submit a thesis for a scholar without refereed research paper publications as per their University guidelines. Generally, getting acceptance from an SCI indexed (non-paid) will take nearly 1.5 years, only if the journal [...]


4 Important Steps for Thesis Writing

Our company provides thesis writing services that assist for writing and creating your thesis paper. It is tough to complete an entire professional thesis since it takes lot of time, and effort. Our thesis writing services provide a complete support for your thesis writing to complete your doctorate. The specialty of our service is that; one of our skilled professionals will start to work with your thesis in following ways after registering. 1) Selecting thesis topic Based on your research area, [...]

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