PhD is mandatory for recruitment of assistant professors from 2023

Taking into account of Covid-19 pandemic, the University Grants Commission (UGC) announced Tuesday (12.10.2021) that PhD will be mandatory for the recruitment of assistant professors after 2023. Without a PhD, it is not at all possible to become an assistant professor. However, it is difficult to submit a thesis for a scholar without refereed research paper publications as per their University guidelines. Generally, getting acceptance from an SCI indexed (non-paid) will take nearly 1.5 years, only if the journal [...]


4 Important Steps for Thesis Writing

Our company provides thesis writing services that assist for writing and creating your thesis paper. It is tough to complete an entire professional thesis since it takes lot of time, and effort. Our thesis writing services provide a complete support for your thesis writing to complete your doctorate. The specialty of our service is that; one of our skilled professionals will start to work with your thesis in following ways after registering. 1) Selecting thesis topic Based on your research area, [...]


how phd change your career

Picking up a PhD degree is the the time at which something is most powerful or successful of your education, meanwhile creating a paper to the standards required is not an easy task in any way. Your proposal or thesis must be composed perfect or without mistakes. A person who engaged in a specified activity of his  main paid occupation with a PhD has a much higher chance of getting a job, is more likely to be raise (someone) [...]


How successful are PhD students

A high-level educational institution have formed part of our all features in area of Education for almost many decades. Now the higher education activity is populated by over 10,000 universities with various a position in a hierarchy or scale that permit the capacity to develop into something new in the future staff, students or research persons who provides money for a creativity purpose to overcome comparisons now its a highly competitive world everyone must have perfect knowledge skils.Now a [...]


Don’t pay-and-publish research papers

Researchers across the world receives grants for their research and the funding agency pays the publisher to keep the published article open for access. Taking advantage of this, many predatory journals have been launched to collect a fee for publication. These journals do not form any solid editorial board and they are completely biased in the review process.   UGC has strictly warned the researchers to do not go with pay-and-publish journals. “Suggesting sweeping reforms to promote the quality of research [...]


How to assist PhD students?

A theme of this blog is PhD writing services, this assists you to write your PhD project. If you think thesis writing in PhD is tough don’t worry; we support for your PhD writing services. PhD is a postgraduate doctoral degree, honoured to every students who done a new thesis by providing a significant contribution to their subject knowledge, it’s qualifications are accessible in every subjects and it is the maximum level of degree for a student to achieve. [...]

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