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EasySynopsis is prolific, because of its
  • powerful research expertise
  • global exposure to research
  • 24x7 project tracking support
  • confidence on our one stop solutions
  • sophisticated knowledge transfer unit



30+ Universities

20+ Countries

1500+ Clients



5 Senior data scientist

100+ Employees

12+ Awards



50+ Research Areas

3000+ Publications

200+ Journals


Phd Services

Research scholar

Our best timely scientific writing, editing, language polishing services have facilitated the researchers to have ample number of original research articles & survey articles.


Citation Services


Doctorates can increase the popularity of their publications and so they get the benefits of rapid increase in citation count, h-index, i10 index, article impact factor etc,.




Easysynopsis provides right platform where the publishing services and patentable concept can be made. Our scientific platform for both publication and patent filing is diverse.



Innovative engineering framework

Introducing innovative engineering ideologies and sharing them for the advancements in the respective platform.



Advanced development & tool

The ideologies have been self – defined for developing and eventually fulfilling the research objectives of our clients with advanced research.



24 * 7 Support and delivery

we largely focus on directing our clients towards reaching the summit of success in their research tenure without compromising the quality.

Our Phd Services

EasySynopsis offers best Phd assistance and consulting services for all level of knowledge process outsourcing initiatives..
We never diversify our vision from the wishes of our clients. The requirements can be testing the technical modules..
Our esteemed services ensure successful implementation of innovative ideologies of our Phd scholars in the area of Engineering,..
Since doing critical survey is one of the initial and cornerstone processes in voyage of research, we shake our hands..
Any accomplishments throughout the life remain silent, unless they are not presented with formal documentation..
The success in all our research oriented efforts can be said as achieved, only when the outcomes are published..

The mission of EasySynopsis drastically exploits the knowledge source of distributed experts and to make it to reach the deserving researchers and students for their career. Every research plan must be new and new to the world. We direct our clients with exact line of innovation and to maximize their research contribution in due course. We are here to set an excellent platform and online repository to fulfill the need of research beginners and also for those who vacillate on defining research problems.

Our vision is to disseminate the current trends and practices in research and hence to facilitate the practitioners to engage themselves in quality research. This aims to bring experts’ knowledge and views on defining research problems to all the researchers. We build a platform between the experts and the researchers and hence to operate an offline knowledge server and research advisory board. We aim to make research scholars and practitioners to understand the research trends and be updated. We entertain quality at every research plan and execution so as to serve the research community in proper direction.

Our research articles appear in
  • SCI indexed Journals
  • Scopus Indexed Journals
  • International Journals
with ISSN numbers, Conference proceedings, etc.

Improve your
  • research experience
  • academic profile
  • quality of research
with Easysynopsis

Our Features

The key highlights of EasySynopsis include

  • Powerful research expertise
  • Global exposure to your research
  • 24x7 Online progress tracking
  • Sensible value added services
  • Maximized research impact
  • One stop solution
  • Sophisticated setup for complete knowledge transfer
  • Unlimited consulting and counseling sessions
  • Constructive client support

They also include our dedicated facilities such as

  • Advanced Computing labs
  • Easy to use Digital library
  • Upgraded Tools and software
  • Professional Training and orientation

Engineering research:

The primary context of the Engineering Research is to bring various improvements in the theory and practice of engineering fields such as high speed computation, power systems, structural engineering, bioengineering, nanotechnology, etc. Our team of experts, who are in the engineering practice over several years, understood well about the trends in engineering research and further path to take it forward at all levels.

Market research:

The primary efforts behind the market research are to acquire knowledge about the targeting markets or customers at wide parametric distribution. Our statisticians and analysts exploit the data and produce interesting and significant findings. They often work in market information, segmentation, market trends and promising market analysis such as customer analysis, SWOT analysis, risk analysis, etc. Further, they support in decision making process based on their analytical outcomes.

Interdisciplinary research:

Our team has a discipline-wise distributed experts, who are equipotent in their respective field, as well as, individual experts with the in-depth knowledge of multiple disciplines. We crack down the traditional boundaries between various engineering streams and attempt to introduce interdisciplinary research areas.

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Tools and software

Tools for research and associated actions are a key feature to sustain the creation and mobilization of research knowledge. Tools are vehicles that largely assist research and related actions to let researchers to collect, systematize, implement, investigate, visualize, mobilize and store quantitative and qualitative data and creative outputs. We do implementation of concepts using MATLAB and JAVA with other research tools given below.

Python Matlab
ImageJ Xilinx
itK-SNAP (MRI imaging) XSG tool
OpenCV SimElectronics
OTB Tool (Satellite imaging) SimPower Systems
JNS SimMechanics
JADE SimHydraulics
CloudSim Bioinformatics tool
NS2 SimBiology
NS3 Chemometrics tools
Weka Computational physics tools
MapReduce and Hadoop MATLink

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Our expertise includes, but not limited to the following research areas

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Audio and Speech Processing
  • Big Data and Data mining
  • Biometrics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Communication Engineering and Systems
  • Data warehousing
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Electrical Systems
  • Geosciences and Remote Sensing
  • Information retrieval
  • Industrial Informatics

Further, we are flexible with as much as rendering our arms to make guidance support.

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Our research team provides adequate consulting support to clients and all the other researchers on taking forward their research towards accomplishment. The support includes defining right direction, platform, research gaps, journals, etc.

Development and testing:

The experts in the team have conduced hands-on session on the software in various educational institutes, industries, etc. They have provided adequate knowledge transfer to the clients that make the clients to work on the tools independently.

Project management and support:

Our project management team takes oath of fulltime commitment, responsibility and accountability for successful completion of the project. The team, by default, gets the project baseline metrics to quantify the progress of the project at implementation stage.

Client support:

Our client support team has professional customer service agents who have good listening, reading and vocabulary skills that facilitate a cool conversation with our clients. The team cares each and every client with a sense of urgency and provides prominent solution for their issues.

Marketing and promotion:

The team is well equipped with the social networking tools to reach, communicate and converse with the audience all the time.

External relations:

The team of external relations keeps its focus on all activities of the organization par with International standard.

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